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Frequently Asked Packing Questions

Can I bring a microwave and/or refrigerator?
You are permitted to have a refrigerator and microwave as long as they meet the following allowances and restrictions:

  • Microwaves up to, but not greater than, 700 watts of cooking power are permitted.
  • Refrigerator/freezer combinations no larger than 3.1 cubic feet total are permitted.
  • MicroFridge is an official partner of the Office of Housing and Residential Life and serves as a program which provides a safe, controlled, and convenient way to for students to store and heat food in their residence hall rooms. MicroFridge provides mini-fridge and microwave rentals and purchasing options for residential students. MicroFridge delivers, installs, picks up, and provides maintenance for each appliance in all standard residence hall rooms. Their green products provide energy efficient options, and their smart technology automatically shuts off units when smoke is detected providing a safe living environment. Micro Fridge rentals can be arranged by contacting MicroFridge at this link:

Are single-serve coffee makers, such as a Keurig, allowed?
Yes! single-serve coffee makers will be allowed.

What size are the beds?
All of our beds are XL Twin (36″ x 80″).

Can I bring my own furniture?
Due to fire safety concerns, students are not permitted to bring upholstered furniture into the residence halls.

Can I bring curtains and/or tapestries to hang in my room?
All windows are outfitted with blinds. Curtains as well as tapestries and other wall hangings are not permitted.


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