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Roommate and Room Assignments

Process to Confirm Housing at UMass Boston

Residential students for Fall 2018 will receive an email in early June 2018 with instructions for matching with a roommate in Please Don’t Snore. It is important that you answer the questions honestly to help find the most compatible roommate to begin your UMass experience!


You will then receive an email in early August 2018 with information on how to log into your Resident Portal. The portal will show your roommate information, building and room assignment. In early August you will also receive information which will give you a specific move-in time. The move-in date for all students is Sunday, September 2, 2018. It is important that you do your best to arrive during your designated move-in time so that we can be most prepared to assist you.

Here is some useful information when planning for moving into your room on campus:

  • A list of items you may want to pack, along with items to leave at home can be found here.
  • The windows in all residence hall rooms have blinds.
  • When purchasing sheets remember that all mattresses on campus are extra-long twin.
  • To avoid possible room charges all posters and pictures should be hung with small tacks or 3M Command Strips.
  • Only one television and refrigerator is allowed per room, make sure you and your roommate discuss who will bring what.
  • Please have all belongings clearly marked with your name and room number on them.
  • Be prepared to have someone stay with your vehicle while unloading so the vehicle can be moved quickly and there is someone to let us know what to take and what stays in the car.  When you pull up, the vehicle will be quickly unloaded and your items will be piled neatly while the move-in crew takes them to your room.  We’ll then direct you to the best nearby parking lot.

When you arrive on campus make sure you:

  • Complete your Room Condition Report which can be found in your Resident Portal. If you see anything in your room that appears to be damage, you must note it on the Room Condition Report. This must be completed with 3 days of move in.
  • Please be aware that students may be held responsible for any damage at check out that was not reported on the Room Condition Report.

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