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What is the difference between “submitting an application” and “signing a License Agreement?”

When you submit an application, you are letting us know that you are interested in living in the Residence Halls. There is no official or binding agreement between you and the Residence Halls with just your application.  Fees associated with your application are non-refundable and non-transferable.

When you sign a Housing License Agreement, you are signing a legally-binding contract to reside in The Residence Halls for the full term of the Agreement (i.e., Academic Term – September 2 – May 25).

If, during your occupancy, you cannot meet the requirements of the Housing License Agreement you signed, you should submit a License Agreement Cancellation Request form to The Office of Housing and Residence Life immediately at Review the License Agreement very carefully with anyone you need to consult about your decision, such as your parent or guardian.

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